Visit Cobá to learn more about the Mayan culture

This magical and mysterious place was a great city of the Mayan civilization which had its beginnings around 100 BC and its main activity was agriculture, since Coba is surrounded by several bodies of water.

Further, there are hieroglyphic inscriptions on steles that allowed us to know the real name of this archeological site.

archeological zone

In the place there are several impressive temples and pyramids such as the Nohoch Mul pyramid that is over 40 meters high, which is possible to climb and enjoy a panoramic view towards the jungle.

The city of Cobá extended by more than 70 square kilometers approximately and has 5 lakes. This visit is a must for all those who enjoy archeology and surround themselves with natural attractions and ecological.


Another activity that is possible is to walk along the paths full of vegetation or rent bicycles to reach more distant places and know the cenotes They are very close, so it is advisable to visit with comfortable clothes to fully enjoy the experience.

Something wonderful about this site is that since it is not a highly busy archeological zone, it retains much of its natural charm and if a guide is hired it is possible to know amazing details, as well as learn from the history and culture of the fantastic and mystical Mayan civilization . 

How to get

The archaeological zone of Cobá is only 45 minutes away from your stay, in addition There is public transportation to get to this place. 

The access fee is 75 pesos and there is a community guide service, there are sanitary services, food sales and local crafts.

Hours: Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., we recommend arriving more than one hour before closing to have the necessary time.